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Haven of Health – Madeira Island, Portugal

Yeotown Madeira: The Island Home of Complete Wellbeing

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Bom dia and welcome to Yeotown Madeira! We are the island of Madeira’s first dedicated Health Retreat and Wellness Hotel.

As a team of experts in health and wellness, our mission of over 14 years has been to nurture as many people as possible towards optimal physical and mental wellbeing. Motivated by our vision, we began the search to find an island location to serve as the backdrop for a second sister site to our multi-award winning, flagship Yeotown Health Retreat in Devon, England. This isn’t as easy as it sounds, given that quite a few boxes need to be ticked to make the cut as a perfect space for our signature 5-day wellness programme. From stunning, breath-taking coastal hikes, to fresh produce, clement weather, an ocean, easy flight accessibility, rustic-chic accommodation and of course, the most important part – the right team, many elements must be present for us to deem it Yeotown worthy!

As luck (and a pandemic!) would have it, we quite unexpectedly found ourselves on the stunning island of Madeira towards the end of 2020. We were blown away at the sheer beauty of this little ocean gem, and how perfectly it lends itself to curating optimal health and wellbeing in body, mind and spirit.

The ‘Island of Eternal Spring’ or the ‘Hawaii of the Atlantic’ are two of the more common terms used to describe this uniquely lush subtropical haven. More importantly however, we are so excited to now call it home to Yeotown Madeira! We are proud to have created the island’s first dedicated Health Retreat and Wellness Hotel, and look forward to welcoming you soon to our Madeiran heaven of health.


And breathe…

Yeotown Madeira: The Island Home of Complete Wellbeing, is easily accessible by many countries in Europe (and only a 6hr direct flight from New York’s JFK and soon Toronto, Canada), and just a little over 3hrs direct flight from many UK and European airports. Our boho-chic space is a certified agricultural tourism hotel with a large, welcoming Southwest facing farmhouse at its centre, and a series of spacious interior designed lodges complete with ocean, mountain and valley views.

A copy-paste of our much-heralded Yeotown programme, our island retreat follows the same life-affirming schedule of inspiring activities as our Devon space with added Portuguese touches and sessions unique to island living, and the rich Madeiran culture. This includes but not limited to breath-taking coastal and mountain hiking above the clouds, yoga for both yogis and non-yogis alike at sunrise, breath and movement at sunset, functional fitness sessions, meditation, healthy cooking session, cold water immersion waterfall experience, forest bathing, swimming (both ocean and pool), and three of a variety of massages.

Our 5 day/5 night Yeotown Madeira programme runs from Tuesday to Saturday. Arrival is on Monday and a complimentary meal and snacks will be provided on arrival day.

Your Yeotox programme begins on Tuesday morning 07:30am and finishes after lunch on Saturday at 14:30 after the morning excursion and lunch, in time for late afternoon flights back home. Costs begin at €2850 per person all-inclusive. The cost of this inclusive programme includes all meals, fresh juices, smoothies, tonics, teas and snacks, accommodation, a full schedule of daily activities, and three different styles of massage during your stay. The price does not include flights or taxis to the retreat. Extra therapies such as Acupuncture, Reiki, Surfing, Canyoning, Reflexology, Tuina, and Lymphatic Drainage Massage are available for an extra fee for those who wish to customise their experience.

Gift Cards – Give the Gift of Health to your Loved Ones

If you are looking for a unique experience versus more things for that special someone, why not get in touch with us about our always popular Yeotown gift certificates for either our Devon or Madeira location. 

Perhaps you know someone whose own needs are constantly being eclipsed by the needs of others, and deserving of a little time to take care of themselves for a change? Maybe a friend or loved one is battling back from ill health, burnout or long covid, and in desperate need of a kickstart towards optimal health and wellbeing? Perhaps you and some friends are looking to pool together to buy a special gift to support a mate who is going through a big life change and would benefit greatly from taking time out to regroup and get stronger in body and clearer in mind this coming year? 

There are plenty of reasons to give the gift that truly keeps on giving. Please feel free to e-mail us at or ring on +44 (0) 1271 343 803 if you wish to purchase a gift certificate, or with any questions you may have.


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